Shipping + Returns

Our Shipping Policy

We will ship your order within 1–3 working days and you will be able to view your tracking number on the invoice.

We absorb some of the shipping cost on many items in order to provide you with the lowest price possible. All items are packaged with the utmost care to make sure they arrive in the condition we advertised. Books, comics, and music are all shipped media mail, which provides you with a tracking number. Depending on the weight and configuration, trading cards are often sent as first class packages or parcels, which also provide you with a tracking number, but travel faster. Occasionally, we will ship some collectible items as retail ground parcels, which also provide tracking.

Our Return Policy

Lobo Collectibles does not accept returns. The vast majority of our merchandise is pre-owned and generally inexpensive. Because of this, the effort and the cost of shipping make returning items a losing proposition for both of us. Instead, please contact us when you have a problem with an order or feel something isn't as represented. We value your business and will always work with you to resolve any problem, so please contact us instead of mailing items back and we'll find a solution.